New Cydia tweaks for iOS 10.3.3 – iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak

What is Cydia installer?

Cydia download is an independent third-party installer application for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models. This was developed by Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik. This is very similar to the official Apple App Store. Furthermore, it allows users with jailbroken phones to download apps and tweaks that can be downloaded for free or a very small charge. It lets you download Cydia tweaks, themes, modifications, extensions, icons, apps and much more.

Cydia tweaks

If you’re wondering why we need Cydia installer for apps and tweaks, well it’s simple- it’s because it offers what Apple doesn’t offer. For example, you can’t have any color in your status bar. But with a simple app on Cydia, you can. But anyways, the best app to get would be Installous, which allows you to get all the apps (both free and premium) on your device for free. While we wait for the new updates on Cydia, let’s take a look into the best Cydia tweaks available.

So now, let’s discuss the best apps and jailbreak tweaks you can get on your iOS 10.3.3 which is the latest update on Apple. Though Cydia iOS 10.3.3 isn’t out yet, you can still find some apps and tweaks that you could get when the version is out.

Let’s look into the best Cydia tweaks now

First of all, if you are an owner of a jailbroken device, then you probably already know and are aware that there are tons of incredible and very powerful packages available to download for your device from the various repositories within Cydia.

Sadly, very much like the official App Store, the actual problem arises when trying to discover Cydia tweaks or apps and finding out which are actually the best ones for you, especially when you take into account the fact that quite a few Cydia tweaks are found in repositories that first need to be added to Cydia.

Here we have noticed some of the best jailbreak tweaks that can be used on jailbroken devices running iOS 10, some of them are newly released tweaks while others are updated versions of older packages with full compatibility of iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak. So take a look at them and enjoy a little bit difficult improved jailbreak experience.

Activator (Free, BigBoss)


Activator - Cydia tweaks

Everybody knows and understands what activator does and represents if they are a part of the jailbreaking community. Activator is a very well-known staple and it has some incredibly powerful and deep Cydia tweaks. Furthermore, these allow you to take advantage of multiple combinations of various gestures and specific events to virtually create an endless combination of actions of your iOS device.

Activator comes with tweaks like;

Quick respring that helps make the Power/Sleep button to be assigned to a respring action.

Quickly switch to the Previous/Next track which allows you to do so much from the volumes buttons surpassing the ability just change the volume. You can fix it so it goes to the next track or to change the song, or whatever you assign it to do.

Toggle switches on a specific schedule which can be used to have a predetermined to switch off certain apps or services. Like, turning off wifi at a specific time or enabling the do not disturb mode at a specific time.

Save your battery which lets you decide how your device should act with the battery drain levels. For instance, when the battery level goes down to 15%, you can order your device to turn off wifi, to reduce the brightness to certain levels, turn the cellular and Bluetooth off and so on.

Quickly compose a new email which allows you to add a flick gesture that determines what to do. For instance, a flick in the mail app icon could start composing a new mail, a flick on Safari to launch Chrome and so on.

Activate the App Switcher which launches the App Switcher when you’re swiping up from the bottom right of the screen rather than double pressing the Home button.

Activator - Cydia tweaks

Eclipse 4 ( $0.99, Big boss)

Eclipse 4 - Cydia tweaks

Eclipse is one of the jailbreak community’s most wanted after jailbreak tweaks. And to the surprise and thrill of the jailbreak community, it was finally updated with the full support for the iOS 10. So it is obviously listed as one of the best tweaks you should have on your device.

With this incredible tweak, you get a system-wide night mode. This goes across all of your iPhones’, iPods’ or iPad’s apps. This can be toggled on and off to whenever you wish just by using Activator or Flipswitch.

Most importantly, this allows you to control the colors that are used on the apps. And you get to decide what interfaces and apps get colorized. With this level of customization and uniformity, this tweak is a step above any night mode jailbreak tweak that was ever produced. The tweak can be bought for just $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Noctis9 ($2.00, BigBoss) 

Noctis9 - Cydia tweaks

Noctis9 is another great tweak which offers an in-depth dark mode. This tweak will change Spotlight, Folders, Widgets + Notifications, 3D Touch menus, and the Control Center. A new button in Control Center will also be activated. There are multiple things that you will get with this jailbreak tweak. This includes a Respring button, an Enable button and it is possible to change the intensity of the darkness.

You have the choice of removing the dock as well. You can play around with the different colors and backgrounds that are available till you get the look of your phone just right. This tweak makes the Control Center really nice as well.

With this tweak, you will no longer have to worry about the big button in the center, which is something that annoys a lot of people.

Barrel ($2.99, BigBoss) 

Barrel - Cydia tweaks

This tweak adds graphical effects to your icon pages as you scroll through the home screen. In the tweak’s settings, you can choose from 18 different modes. Here is the current list:

Cube (inside), Cube (outside), Page Slide Down , Page Slide Up, Curl and Roll Away, Curl and Roll Away, Vertical Scrolling, Page Fade, Stairs (down right), Stairs (down left), Page Squeeze, Icon Collection, Icon Scatter, Carousel, Flippy, Page, Zoom, Pac-Man, Merry-Go-Round , Whirl, Snake ,Wave, Icon Roll, Vortex, Shrink, Shrink Completely, Spin, Radar, Swirl, Whirlpool.

Cylinder (Free, BigBoss) 

Cydia tweak - Cylinder

The cylinder is the jailbreak tweak that was inspired by Barrel. This has been updated and listed on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. This tweak allows you to add various animation effects to the icons on your iPhone’s Home screen.

The best fact about the Cylinder tweak is that it allows the iDevice owners to create new animations through the special scripts, and to connect different animations by layering them.

The real interesting thing about the new updated version is the ability to not only layer different effects on top of each other, but to remember those layers by means of custom formulas.

iFile ($4.00 + Free Trial, BigBoss) 


iFile is a total file manager running under user root. iFile let you visit all the files on your jailbroken device like Finder does on the desktop Mac. This is the tool for advanced management and customization of files on your device.

Furthermore, iFile allows very fast navigation through the iPhone file system in multiple tabs. You can directly view files of many types, including images, movies, sound, text, HTML, web archives, Microsoft and Apple iWork files, PDFs, and compressed formats.

iFile also lets you handle software files and multimedia in flexible ways, including:

  • To copy, paste, rename and move files.
  • To edit text files and property lists, such as configuration files.
  • iFile also provides easy ways to get files in and out of your device.
  • Upload and download files from iFile’s built-in web server via a web browser or connecting to it as a network drive.
  • Manage, copy, and move files in your Dropbox, box or FTP account.
  • Show and download your files from a Toshiba FlashAir card.
  • Send files as email attachments.
  • Mount Apple disk image (DMG) files.

iCleaner (Free, BigBoss)


iCleaner is designed to remove unnecessary files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can clean up the following items with iCleaner.

Message attachments: iCleaner deletes the files which send and receive through the iMessages or MMS. The “smart” setting option only deletes the files that do not appear in any message, while “on” deletes all attachments (messages with attachments will show a blank icon).

Safari: it deletes cookies, browsing history and cache files to free up memory to preserve your privacy.

Cydia sources that are disabled by default: it deletes the Cydia sources files.

BioProtect ($2.99, BigBoss) 

Bioprotect - Cydia download

You can now protect your apps with the Touch ID or passcode. You can add more security to your files and many other items that you think should be protected. Furthermore, you can also stop opening them unless you unlock using your fingerprint. Bioprotect is the most secure and yet fastest way to protect your applications, presented with a very nice UI.

Touch ID needs less than a second to verify a correctly added fingerprint.

This tweak listens to the application launch events or other protected items or events and blocks them if they are listed as protected until you enter your Touch ID.

Speed Intensifier (Free, BigBoss)

Speed intensifier - Cydia download

Speed Intensifier speeds up system animations such as:
– App opening/close
– Loading indicators
– In-App Animations
– navigation between pages
This allows a stable, extremely fast processing rate.  It also comes with simple, advanced, fusion and spring animations. The advanced mode is the traditional mode that makes the whole system speed up.

The advanced mode is the traditional mode that makes the whole system speed up.
Simple mode is just the system stock animations speed up.
Fusion mode is a collaboration of the two modes.

And as surprising as it is, believe it or not, it does not drain your battery. And you can configure the options from settings.

Gorgone (Free, BigBoss)

Gorgone - Cydia download

Gorgone is the new Tweak that gives you the option to enable the SplitView and the SlideOver Features (like in the iPad Pro) on the unsupported Devices. This also enables the Rotation on the HomeScreen and on the Apps.

Because Apple had gone ahead and carefully restricted this method that allows you to enable SplitView and SlideOver features to only its latest iDdevices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod touches are excluded from using the feature.

Gorgone enables it, let you do any work on your iDevice in many ways you’d like to do. And also as a bonus, it enables the Home screen rotation on devices which do not support. This is a must have in you Cydia tweaks arsenal.

CCRecord (Free, BigBoss) 

CCRecord - Cydia download

Well, a brand new free jailbreak tweak called CCRecord lets you add a display recording toggle button right to Control Center on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices. Finally making the feature much more convenient than ever before.

With a symbol that looks just like the Facetime icon, a new toggle button is at the bottom right of the row of shortcuts in the Control Center interface. This button records the display.

At once, you tap on the button, the display will immediately begin to record. Also, it won’t stop until you open the Control Center. And tap on the toggle button once more to complete your recording.

An H.264 MP4 video file is added right to your Camera Roll. This is for your convenience when you do end the recording. This allows you to not meddle with a third party file manager. It also makes it super easy to share with people via iMessage, email, or social media. One could even import the media to their Mac with the Photos or Image Capture apps.

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