Reasons to Complete the iOS 11.3 Download

Apple recently released its third update to the iOS 11 operating system. When there is such a release on the horizon we normally expect the entire iOS community to update their device to this system. But this time it seems many individuals are reluctant to update their device. That is due to the absence of a jailbreak tool. But when you consider this software update it seems that it contains many useful features. Furthermore, it is crucial to have the iOS 11.3 download to enjoy these features. That is because you cannot download jailbreak tweaks to obtain these features. Therefore that is where the following article is going to do. It is going to explore the features that one would be able to enjoy.

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Features To Enjoy With iOS 11.3 Download

Health Records

Whenever we get sick we are always reluctant to visit the doctor. That is because many of us have a deep-seated fear of hospitals. Therefore even when we convince ourselves to seek professional help we only want to visit our regular doctor. But sometimes this may not be possible. In that case, we would be forced to visit a new hospital or medical clinic. This is something that we all despise. That is because not only are we placing our trust on a stranger. But we are also aware that they don’t know our medical history. This is a problem that plagues many individuals. Apple has understood this, therefore, that is why they have gone on to introduce the new ‘Health Records’ feature. This feature posses the capacity to accumulate all your medical history and it then goes on to store it in their application. Thereafter this information can easily be stored with one of the affiliated medical clinics or hospitals. Therefore if you live in America this is one feature that you will benefit from greatly.

New Animoji

After the introduction of an array of new emojis in the iOS 11.2 update, we expected new animojis to be introduced as well. Therefore if you update to the iOS 11.3 system you would see that Apple has not disappointed its users because it introduced 4 new animojis. These are the skull, lion, dragon and bear. We know that this number is nothing compared to the emojis that were introduced. But one has to understand that Animojis are a new feature of Apple.

Therefore if you read this article you would see that you would get to enjoy many features if you complete the iOS 11.3 download.

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