iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Status Update

What’s the very latest state of iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models? In the jailbreak community, we’ve all come to the understanding that the movement in the community fluctuates very heavily. There’s inevitably a period of time where nothing notable or exciting happens. When the time ticks on very slow, which progresses really fast to a period of very rapid progression. This were the most important members of the jailbreak community tend to work together. And become much closer to announce and release the new exploits and the new tools.

iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak

This has clearly been proven to be very true. For example, the release of Luca Todesco’s Mach Portal + Yalu 10.2 jailbreak. This for selected 64-bit Apple devices.

Is iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Available Right Now?

The very first ever public jailbreak released for iOS 10 was the Mach Portal + Yalu. Furthermore, this was based on the Google’s Project Zero exploits. These, which were published by Ian Beer and which were patched in iOS 10.2 by Apple. The subsequent Yalu102 jailbreaking for iOS 10.2 jailbreak uses a unique method. As noticed earlier, it does not compatible with iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. Also, the jailbreak has patched in iOS 10.2.1 update.

Currently, as the writing of this iOS 10.2 is not being signed. Those who have upgraded to the latest firmware cannot downgrade back to the 10.2 version to enjoy the jailbreak benefits of the yalu102. Also, as the yalu102 does not support for iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, these are the only devices that left iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak, and that too only if they downgraded to the said firmware in time. When Apple was still signing the firmware as 10.1.1 is no longer being signed as of now.

The iOS 10.2.1 to iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Status

Developer and hacker, Luca Todesco has certainly earned his name as one of best hackers in the world with a specific set of skills and abilities with his releases. But releasing Cydia download for iOS 10.3.2 –  10.2.1 will be a completely different challenge. As you may already know, given that the iOS 10.3.x introduces Apple’s new file system AFPS and this elevates the difficulty of the task to a whole new level. It’s also unfortunate that Todesco himself declared that he will certainly stop working on all the public research work after the iOS 10.2 Cydia installer.

jailbreak iOS 10.3.2

Sadly, now that Luca Todesco saying that he won’t be working on the public jailbreak any longer, and now that there’s absolutely not a single proof for a release of iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak, the Cydia installer community is in despair. There’s not even been developments in the private projects, let alone the public exploits. There’s no proof for yet a single jailbreak available at all. Therefore, there’s currently no iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak on the horizon.

But it’s also very important to note that where the jailbreak community is concerned, you can never be too sure about what’s around the corner. There have been extremely surprising releases earlier that literally delivered from nowhere. So, there’s a possible way that the members of the very prominent jailbreak teams are already leading on the subject.

Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10.3.2

There are jailbreak teams from TaiG, Pangu, PP and so there’s no concrete conclusion that there’s no hope. They could have already finished the project and might be sitting on the information or the exploits that are available or usable when it comes to iOS 10.3.x. But they haven’t shared about this with the public yet.

yalu iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak

Also while Apple is still signing the firmware in order to make use of the yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.2 Cydia download, we highly suggest that you downgrade the latest firmware to the prior version because it would be a path to download Cydia. This wouldn’t allow you to make use of the yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.2 Cydia. Also, we advise you to use the SHSH2 blobs so it would help you to downgrade to 10.2 even after Apple stops the signing feature. Also, if there are any new updates to this situation, we will bring it direction to your attention immediately. So stay tuned!

Will Cydia Download for iOS 10.3.2 Release Soon?

Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.2 now and this killed the easier way to downgrade using iTunes in the process. The latest update of iOS 10.3 is now available to download. Clearly, there is no available jailbreak tool for the recent version yet. We advise you to stay on present firmware to receive the jailbreak that you want. Apple has released the new minor update with bug fixs and security updates in the form of iOS 10.3.2. At a security conference held earlier this week, the Pangu team has demoed iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak with rumors floating around that they are going to release it sometime next week.

Now, a new rumor says that iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak by Pangu will drop once Apple makes iOS 10.3.2 public. Apple has already made this newest update available for everyone. A very well known security researcher has promised to release the exploits for the iOS 10.3.1 that can then be used to make a new public jailbreak tool for iDevices. But this might take while to finish.

iOS 10.3.2 Download

The iOS 10.3.2 entered the chapter of the Apple new versions as the second minor update to iOS 10.3. The public was allowed to download this update which featured no big changes but had more fixes and more security to the operating system.

If you were a part of the Apple membership, you could see iOS 10.3.2 through the Software Update section in your iOS device. The final testing version which was allows for both the developers and the public testers who had signed with this program. But as we see from the beginning the update was only mainly fixed on the side of security and fixes rather than major changes to the operating system, should you upgrade to the iOS 10.3.2?

Possibilities of iOS 10.3.2 Cydia download

At the 2017 Technology Conference, the facts revealed to say that the probability of the iOS 10.3.1 Cydia download was really high. It was also disclosed that it might not even take longer than a week. As to the screen, iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak on the iPhone 7 is visible to prove that it will be compatible with all the 64-bit range. Differentiating from the previous Yalu10 jailbreak, the tool that’s to come will include more favorable and stable features as been revealed. The most noteworthy thing is that the iPhone 7 jailbreak that was missing in the iOS 10.2 jailbreak will most probably be released. So all you really have to do is wait.

Cydia diwnload iPhone

But as the reports say, there’s a slight chance that they could even come up with the iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak release as well. But with the information we’ve decided so far, the Cydia download for iOS 10.3.2 is not proven yet. As the firmware version is still away from the official arrival, Pangu download doesn’t seem to show any support for the iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak yet. Therefore, there’s only a very slim possibility to expect Cydia iOS 10.3.2 from Pangu download.

But of course, it’s not impossible so we would have to patiently wait for the releases.


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