A Guide To Using The Electra Jailbreak Tool On Your Device

After a long wait, it is finally possible to jailbreak those devices running on the iOS 11 operating system.  That is because both the LiberiOS jailbreak tool and the Electra tool are freely available for the public to use. However, unlike LiberiOS with the latter tool, it is possible to use Cydia. However, in order to enjoy Cydia, you would be required to use the Electra jailbreak tool. Therefore the following article will act as a guide on how to utilize this jailbreak tool.

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How To Use The Electra Jailbreak Tool

Before using this tool you must first create a backup of your iPhone or iPad device using iCloud or iTunes. This is highly recommended because if anything goes wrong you would be able to simply restore your device. Therefore once you create a backup you can then go on to download an authentic copy of the IPA file of the Electra Jailbreak tool. Furthermore, you should also download an authentic version of the Cydia Impactor on to your computer. Therefore once both these copies have been downloaded you can connect your Apple device to your computer via the USB port.

The next for the user to follow would be to open the Cydia Impactor program on your computer. Thereafter before taking any more further steps, you should let this program detect your Apple device. Once, the iPhone or iPad has been recognized your can drag and drop the IPA file of this tool on to the Impactor window. Upon the completion of these steps, you would be prompted to log in to your Apple developer account. If you manage to successfully login then the Impactor would begin to sideload the jailbreak tool to your iPhone or iPad device.

Once the jailbreak tool has been loaded on to your device you should not think the process is over. Instead, now you have to open the ‘Settings’ application. Thereafter, you should navigate to the ‘General’ and Profiles & Device Management’ tab. Once you reach this tab you should select the tab that contains your Apple ID. Thereafter, you can select the ‘Trust’ tab. Upon the completion of these steps, you can then navigate back to your Home Screen. On this page, you would be able to locate the newly downloaded jailbreak application. Once you open this application you should select the ‘Jailbreak’ tab to begin the jailbreak process.

Thus, with the help of this article, you would now know how to use the Electra jailbreak tool.

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