Best Cydia Tweaks for the Status Bar – iOS 10.3.1 Cydia download

The possibilities for iOS 10.3.1 Cydia was shown by Pangu at the Technology Conference in 2017. After taking time with 10.3.1 update, they came up with an amazing screen indication for iPhone 7 jailbreak on iOS. This is clear, proving the jailbreak that was expected was going to work great on the 64-but devices. Let’s check on some Cydia tweaks.

iOS 10.3.1

Here are the best Jailbreak tweaks for the iOS 10.3.1 Cydia

No matter if your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is jailbroken or not, you can make a great deal with your device. If you have the jailbreak, well- you are lucky!

There’s a lot you can do with the jailbreaking. You can make better status bar by making amazing modifications, great additions, changing the colors, the appearance and so much more.

During this time of powerful rumors about the iOS 10.3.1 Cydia download, why don’t we take a look on the best tweaks available on it? Here are some of the best Cydia tweaks to make your iDevice look sophisticated and advanced.

Since the Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak has been released, it is the only current approach when it comes to the Cydia download. With all the outlook on the Pangu iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak, there are so many new prospects to look forward to. There’s no concrete work on the release for the immediate future. But, it’s not too early to check on some great tweaks that you may love.

Best iOS 10.3.1 Cydia tweaks

Yes, I know it’s not an easy task to wait patiently for the new update. While we play the waiting game for the iOS 10.3.1 Cydia download, let’s have a look at the best tweaks for your iOS device.

  1. StatusPeek 2 (for just $0.99)

    Statuspeek 2- Cydia tweaks

The notification center grabber is on the top of the screen to access the notification center easily. But if you want to replace it with a better, smarter or a more useful feature, this jailbreak tweak is the one for you! It simply replaces the Notification Centre grabbed with more customization features.

  1. StatusSwitcher for Free

Statusswitcher - Cydia tweaks

Well, this is one of the best tweaks about there. The App switcher normally has no status bar. But now, you have the option to add on whatever you want. You can have all the information on time, battery and also signal strength including the app switcher.

  1. Aerial for just $1.99

    Aerial - Cydia tweaks

If you want to have colorful and vibrant status bar, you’ve come to the right place! With Aerial you can add colors as you wish. You are completely free to assign colors individually or to the entire bar. You can fix your aesthetics by having a theme or just coloring it up! Add some splash of color!

  1. Moon phase for just $0.99

Moonphase - Cydia tweaks

You might know the moon phase tracking if you are familiar with Apple watch. If not, well- welcome! This is not available on the iPhone yet, but the Cydia download lets you access this tweak for just a small one-time payment. With just one new icon, you can track the moon phase for configuring some setting.

  1. QuickPowerMode for Free

Quick power mode- Cydia tweaks

It’s always panic when you see your battery dangerously low. And with a low battery going to settings and going through all the hassle seems like a decade sometimes. If you feel like going through the settings for this takes too much time, all you have to do is- get this Cydia tweak! With this, you can just tap on the battery indicator which will turn on the feature! Great, right?!

You can turn it back off with another tap.

  1. WifiChannelBar

Wifichannelbar - Cydia tweaks

You know that the status bar doesn’t normally display any wifi related information besides the whether or not you’re connected to wifi.

With the WifiChannelBar, you have access to seeing what channel you’re using or you’re using to broadcast on. It’s not a replacement for professional site survey software, but it’s still really cool to be able to see what networks you are connected to, or what channels are operating around you.

  1. TapTap Statusbar

Taptap - Cydia tweaks

Do you ever wish you could hide and show status bar on your demand? Well then, TapTap Statusbar will be your favorite tweak!

Just by double-tapping on the status bar that’s on any interface in the iOS, it either hides or re-appears. It’s really useful when playing games on your mobile device without having a hovering as you play.

Let’s now look at some FAQs about Cydia.

What’s Cydia installer?

Cydia installer is an incredibly popular third party app that let iDevices users find and download various application packages on jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPods which restrict by the Apple.

Who is the developer behind Cydia download?

Cydia app store was developed by Jay Freeman who goes by Saurik.

Is Cydia accessible from the Apple App Store?

No, it’s not available in the Apple App Store, it’s a third party app store.

Is jailbreaking safe?

As long as you follow the steps with good care and precision, it’s a completely safe procedure. Cut you always have to check the device and iOS compatibility before you move on with the process.

Important: A complete jailbreak terminated the warranty of your device issued by Apple.

What’s the latest jailbreak?

As of now, the iOS 9.2- 9.3.3 is the most recent firmware that have an official jailbreak. Even though iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 9.3.4 are available by Apple, there are only beta versions of jailbreaks for above versions of 9.3.3.

Currently, the latest iOS available in Apple is the iOS 10 update. But it’s not available on the jailbreak.

If I Update my iOS version, Will Cydia installer delete?

Upgrading is one of the methods that terminate the jailbreak. So when you upgrade your firmware version, Cydia downloader will remove automatically.

Can I download Cydia without jailbreak?

No, you cannot download Cydia without jailbreaking. First of all, you have to jailbreak your iDevuce and then download and install Cydia.

Is Jailbreaking same for all the versions?

Well, there are several developers who are credited for different jailbreaking till versions. You can also find tiny changes in different versions due to this.

How can I delete Cydia?

Simply upgrade your phone. Or you can restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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